Safety Advice (2023/12/01)

Safety Advice     Dear clients, there is a large growing number of companies that may offer you online buying options and shipping service for incredibly low prices. However, please pay attention and do as much research as possible about the company of interest before making any sort of payments! Please be aware of scams

Diesel and Oil fuel types – Top 11 Differences

  The differences between diesel, fuel oil, and bunker fuel are hydrocarbons. Specifically, the difference is in the size and length of the hydrocarbons in each fuel. Hydrocarbons comprise the overwhelming majority of the components in fossil fuels — and in biofuels as well for that matter. Everything else in fossil fuels and biofuels is

Useful Tips when importing a vehicle from Japan

Japan is the leading exporting country of quality used vehicles all over the world with hundreds of thousands of used vehicles being exported yearly from Japan to all major ports especially to the Right Hand Drive importing countries. Japan is famous for providing high quality New and secondhand vehicles with affordable prices. Buying a car is

Unveiling the World of Japanese Auto Auctions: A Roadmap to Quality Vehicles

Introduction: The automotive industry is a vast landscape, and when it comes to sourcing high-quality, diverse vehicles, Japanese auto auctions stand out as a key player. These auctions, deeply rooted in Japan's automotive culture, have gained global recognition for their transparency, efficiency, and the wide array of vehicles they offer. In this blog post, we'll

Mitsubishi Pajero Junior: The most elegant Mini 4×4 in Japan.

PAJERO-Jr. Is an SUV produced and sold by Mitsubishi Motors, it was released in 1995. For the first time in the Pajero series, it was also sold at the Car Plaza store. It uses a large bumper and resin over fender to create a more SUV-like effect. Equipped with “Easy Select 4WD” that can switch