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Savana Motor: Machinery’s Transaction Workflow

Inquiry Process:

The Customer: Submits an inquiry through the form on our website.

Savana Motor: Provides a detailed quotation or facilitate a purchase from auctions and domestic dealers on your behalf.


Quotation Terms:

Quotations can be formulated based on FOB, C&F, CIF from the port of Yokohama, Kawasaki or Kisarazu.


Purchase Agreement Process:

The Customer: Confirms the items before vanning (Optional).

The Customer: Provides a deposit (Min 50% of the total amount) through T/T.

Savana Motor: Proceeds with vanning, export clearance, and shipment.

Savana Motor: Monitors your container’s journey.

The Customer: Makes the balance payment (within a week of receiving a scanned B/L).

Savana Motor: Issues the Bill of Lading (B/L) and send a scanned copy.

The Customer: Completes the balance payment.

Savana Motor: Sends the original B/L (Surrender of B/L or dispatch via DHL).

The Customer: Undertakes clearance at the destination.

Efficient Machinery Procurement and Global Export Management

Savana Motor purchases agricultural machinery, construction machinery, industrial machinery, etc. from auctions or domestic trading companies, and exports them overseas using our own network.

The purchased machines are transported to the yard by our own transportation team and managed. We have introduced a product management system, and all incoming machines are accurately classified using barcodes, distributed to each country, and managed until they are shipped overseas.

How to Buy Used Tractors and Used Construction Machines


Order Machinery

1. Machines Collection

Initially, tractors are gathered within the designated yard, ready for disassembly and container packing. Our dedicated agricultural machinery yard is staffed with experienced professionals who specialize in the meticulous disassembly and packing of tractors.

Please note that the minimum quantity for a 20-foot container is 8 units of tractors. Options include packing 8-10 units in a 20′ container or 16-18 units in a 40′ container.


2. Price Confirmation

Following the collection phase, we will provide you with a detailed quotation for the tractors. Upon your approval of the prices, kindly confirm, and we will subsequently send you our proforma invoice.


3. Payment

Payment is to be made via T/T (Telegraphic Transfer). A deposit is required before loading, and it should be completed within 5 working days from the proforma invoice date. Please be advised that the balance is due promptly after shipment. T/T payment is recommended for its efficiency in saving time and bank fees.


4. Shipment

Upon the receipt of your T/T payment, our team will disassemble and pack your tractors into a container. Subsequently, we will coordinate the shipment of the container on a vessel, a process typically completed within 2-3 weeks, subject to prevailing circumstances.


5. Shipping Documents

Copies of the Bill of Lading (B/L) will be sent to you via fax or email, followed by the dispatch of the original documents through DHL, FEDEX, or EMS services.


6. Receiving Machines

To facilitate the clearance of the container at the port of discharge, we recommend consulting with a local forwarding agent or customs agent in your country.

Packing Procedure for Tractor Shipping

a) Disassembly of Wheels and Fenders:

We start by disassembling wheels and fenders from the tractors to optimize space utilization and ensure a secure packing arrangement.

b) Mezzanine Deck Insertion:

To maximize loading capacity, we utilize a “mezzanine” deck inserted into the container, allowing tractors to be packed on two levels.

c) Strategic Packing:

The disassembled parts and wheels are strategically placed to fit seamlessly with the tractor bodies, optimizing space and ensuring stability during transportation.

d) Last-Packed Rotary Tillers:

Rotary tillers are packed last in the container, considering their specific dimensions. The order of packing may vary depending on the sizes and quantity of tractors in each shipment.

e) Container Utilization:

Typically, we pack 16-18 units, including rotary tillers, in a 40′ hi-cube container. For smaller orders, a minimum of 8 units can be accommodated in a 20′ container.


Please note that the packing sequence is subject to adjustment based on the specific sizes and quantities of tractors in each order. Our goal is to ensure the secure and efficient transport of your tractors while optimizing container space.


Photographs of a past container that we shipped.


Loading images of a container with tractors protected by wood and packaging to prevent breakage.


Loading images of a container with constructional and industrial machines protected by wood and packaging to prevent breakage.


Contact Us


Kindly complete the contact form below, providing detailed information about your specific requirements, along with a valid email address and phone number for prompt communication. We will ensure to respond to your inquiry at the earliest convenience.

We extend an invitation for trade inquiries from businesses and individuals involved in importing/exporting vehicles and machinery via containers.

Our team is ready to furnish comprehensive details on Japanese used tractors, trucks, farming machinery, or special vehicles tailored to your needs. Please note that our minimum buying quantity is limited to 40-feet containers. Regrettably, we are unable to facilitate the purchase and shipment of individual vehicles unless their size necessitates RORO arrangements.