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Have you ever had trouble searching for a specific used car from Japan?


You name it, we’ve got it! And if we don’t, we’ll find it or buy it for you.


The good news is: Savana Motor can help you find any Japanese vehicle and ship it to your desired final destination. Thanks to our huge and reputable network of Domestic dealers.

We will use our network to help you find the car you are looking for! Over 3,000 domestic used car dealerships nationwide.


Complete the request form now, and we will start finding your car right away!


Simply fill out our inquiry form to request information about vehicles that are not currently listed.

At Savana Motor, we specialize in providing details about a wide range of Japanese used cars. Your car might just be a request away!

Feel empowered to share your specific car requirements and your contact details using the form below. Once you’ve entered the details, hit the “Send Request” button, and let us help you find the perfect car that suits your needs.


Unleash the possibilities and embark on a journey to discover the car you’ve been looking for!


At Savana Motor, our primary goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations, and these testimonials are a testament to our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. We continually strive to deliver exceptional products, personalized services, and a seamless buying experience.

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